why is my monitor diplaying a blank screen?

Hello to all. This is my first thread. No one has solved this problems, from comp experts to frys, and it still remains to be a mystery.

Nforce 680i LT
Quad 6600 (zanman fan)
8800 640 MB
Tagan 1100 watt
View sonic vg 1930
500 G Maxtor
2 OCZ (2GB Dual)
2 intake - 2 outtake fans
Vista 64

So it worked and displayed for about an hour, installing vista, then when i turned it off, i got a blank screen the next time i started it up. Everything is still powered though. Took it to frys, they said the card was burnt or defective. So i got another 8800 640 and it did the same thing. So maybe i was thinking its the motherboard, so i got a ASUS P5J Deluxe, a 8800 320 card, and new hard drive. It did the same thing. I let my friend borrow the 1st 8800 640 card and it worked fine on his computer(overclocking, SLI, etc). So then, i decided that maybe something with wrong with how it was build. So i made sure I grounded the mobo, properly secured everything and it still wont display anything. So maybe its the VGA to DVI connector. I got a new connector and no results. ANY Have answers?????
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  1. Oh yeah, i have tried different power supplys and have reseted the mobo, removing the battery.
  2. uhhh... the pcie or agp port is broken? try a different slot on the mobo?
  3. been done. tried both pci slots and tried both DVI connectors, on all 8800 cards.
  4. on the Nforce and Asus mobo
  5. test every other part of the pc?
  6. I used the ram, and cpu on both nforce and asus mobo, which works fine everytime i use a new 8800 card for about 2 hours. i tried 2 differnet mobos, same results. the 8800 works great with my friends computer. I used the hard drive and monitor on my last computer. I used my old 800 W power supply and 1100 W too
  7. The dumb question, but I will still ask it...... Have you checked the monitor to see that actually works? Yes it DID work. Monitors do die.
  8. Bad monitor?
  9. bought a new monitor, works fine. my old monitor works great with my old computer. actually the dumbest question is, "did u take the graphics card out and put it back in?" or "is it plug up to the power supply?"
  10. im thinking it might be the cord. the 8800 uses dual DVI and i need to use the dual DVI to VGA converter, which comes with the card, so i can attach it to my monitor which doesnt have a dual DVI slot, just a VGA and a single DVI slot. however this theory doesnt explain the fact that it displays for 2 hours and if the 8800 couldnt convert DVI why would it come with a VGA adapter
  11. johnlenn35 said:
    bought a new monitor, works fine. my old monitor works great with my old computer. actually the dumbest question is, "did u take the graphics card out and put it back in?" or "is it plug up to the power supply?"

    The next dumbest question (after the plugged into the power supply question) is ..... "did you turn it on".

    But I knew we were past that question.

    There is also ..... "have you checked the outlet to make sure the circuit breaker has blown".

    My gut tells me cord set / connection issue.
  12. lol, yeah i think that question is at the top of the list. I have two cords plugged up to my outlet. the power supply to my computer and my lamp. well my lamp stayed on the whole time and i did check the breaker, everything looks fine. i switched cords around, moved power supply cord in different outlet, and same results. The computer still powers up, screens just blank. computers probably in post
  13. also frys, the "electronic" store, did run there diagnostic on the computer, said everything ran fine and that the only problem was that the 8800 didnt work. however when my friend SLI and overclocked the card on his computer perfectly weeks later, i questioned frys "diagnostic" test. this is just a mystery to me. Im cursed!!
  14. well..., theres always an axe! (might not be good for the wallet but it would be satisfying), since you seem to have tried testing/replacing
    1) the graphics card
    2) the moniter
    3) the connections between the 2
    4) your ram
    5) your mobo
    6) your HDD
    7) hmm... have you tried your PSU?
  15. Have you tried 'safe mode' F8 on Xp it may be the same on Vista, If your display comes up then you know it's a driver issue.
  16. well i tested somemore stuff out and found out my ram doesnt work on my friends computer, nor does my mobo. The graphics card work fine. Im not sure why it would work and stop for 2 hours everytime i get a new graphics card. however im thinking maybe the 1100 watts is to much or a defective psu might be the cause of this chaos
  17. i mean defective cpu
  18. johnlenn35 said:
    and have reseted the mobo, removing the battery.

    Did you just remove the battery and then replace it or did you also have to move a jumper from an open to a closed position and then back again, the only thing you don't seem to have replaced is your RAM which you are running at what voltage by the way?
  19. 800 mp for the ram. i did move the jumpers as well. the only other thing i havent replaced is the cpu. maybe thats the problem. is 700 watts too much for my computer?
  20. The RAM should be set to somewhere between 1.9v - 2.1v and no, 700watts is not too much but it's the Amperage you need to be concerned with as you need about 26 - 28 amps on the 12v PCIe to power the 8800 640.
  21. ok so i got a new ram stick. it works fine, see bios, for about 30 seconds and the computer shuts off. since theres no other option can this be a cpu problem?
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