Geniatech DVB-T Reciever U6010T

Hola amigos
I have recently acquired a Geniatech hybrid TV Stick DVB-T U6010T for watching both analog and digital TV in my new Dell laptop. The product is announced to work in Vista and XP SP2, but I am totally incapable of set up the driver, I have tried everything, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2, in my laptop, in other computers, follow the instructions steps, install the driver manually... but nothing. It appears as a unkown device in the device manager.
I have also download the driver from the official Geniatech web, because it is not exactly the same, and nothing.

I am kinda desperate, could anyone with a similar problem help me or tell me if there is kind of universal driver or whatever to make it work.

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  1. Hi, i have same problem do you have news?i don't know
  2. Hi

    have you guys tried changing the drive letter in the computer management section of admistrative tools? i would assume that some other device you have connected has the same drive letter as the tv tunner and this device is overwriting the tunner.

    Hope this helps.

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