2gb or 4gb with lower latencies?

i was using 2gb 667 corsair value ram running it at 1:1 ratio with my fsb at 370(3.33ghz) on an e6600.

bought 2gb geil 800mhz low latency stuff (cus it was cheap :D) and am running it at 1:1 ratio(which means it currently under 800mhz) also with the lower latencies than the corsair (4-4-4-12 compared to 5-5-5-15)

now to my question......

i do gaming and lots of 3d and photoshop and am wondering if it wud be better to have 4gb ram running at 5-5-5-15 or just keep the 2gb at 4-4-4-12. which one would give the most noticeable and real world usefulness gain?

im using xp pro 32bit so i no it will only b about 3.25gb(or sumin like that)
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  1. 4gb ram
  2. Another vote for 4GB
  3. The change in timings probably wouldn't be noticeable except in benchmarks, double the ram you would most certainly notice

    My vote goes for 4GB
  4. 4gb it is.

    after reading thru my post agin i realise it is quite a silly question with an obvious answer :p

    cheers for replying tho :D
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