Stress Test that can detect OC Failure?

Hi. Is there is a stress test you guys use to indicate whether or not you have successfully oc'ed ur Graphics Card? For example, i'm using Prime95 to stress test my cpu, and that test will also indicate failure if oc failed. I've heard of 3DMark benchmark, but that's only to test ur fps right? will that tell you that ur oc failed? if in fact it has?
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  1. no it gives you a score based on your hardwarfe performance
  2. It may. If you see artifacts on the screens that shouldn't be there, your o/c of the video card may be unstable. You can back off your o/c & if the artifacts disappear, your o/c may be stable. Run it in a loop for 8 hours.
  3. If you d/l ATi Tool or are already using it, it scans for artifacts. Run that for 10 -20 mins if it says no errors your laughing :D . 3D Mark is ok for checking gfx o/c if it won't run you've got a bad overclock but it is more of a general benchmark prog than a stability test. Plus tiz massive d/l for those of us not on uber BB.
  4. Hi Alky1

    ATI tray tools is a good egg. It has a built in rending loop to automatically detect rendering artifacts which is very useful to check OC stability:

    It's a very stable program and runs under Windows XP x64 as well!! I like the way it can constantly print my current frame rate in the top right of the screen while gaming (really useful).

    I apologise if you have an Nvidia card... Uhm no I don't!! You should really have said what card you are working with...!!

  5. i heard u can use ati tool with nvidia cards as well.
  6. night_wolf_in said:
    i heard u can use ati tool with nvidia cards as well.

    Yea I play around with it on my 7600 GT AGP to learn it before trying it on my main system. Still learning that and RivaTuner.

    For GFX tests I just use like a Far Cry or HL2 Demo and loop it. I've also used Lost Planet PC Test to test tangible frame rate benefits.

    If something doesn't look right, it's an artifact.
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