SATAII Western Digital possible problem

I recently built a new computer with the following specs:

MB: Maximus Formula ASUS (didn't do BIOS update)
CPU: E6850 (no overclock)
Video: 8800GT 512
HDD: SATAII Western Digital 500 gig
Sound: ASUS FX Supreme 2

Problem: After putting everything together with no problems, fixed minor things in the BIOS for my advantage, doing no overclocking, BIOS recognized my HDD 500 gig WD SATAII and my SATA DVD burner with no problem. When I'm about to install WINXP PRO (32-bit), I get to the screen where you press "enter" to install WINXP, "R" to repair or "X"(or something) to exit. So I press "enter" to install WINXP, get please wait, then my machines reboots, then DVD finds winXP cd, then I'm back to the screen where it says press enter to install WINXP. My question is, how can I fix this or what could cause this? My mobo detects to HDD. Could it be a HDD issue?
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  1. Maybe the WinXP setup doesn't see the hard drive. How did you configure your hard drive in the BIOS? IDE,Sata,Raid?
  2. I configured the SATAII drive in the BIOS as IDE since I won't be using RAID and which was noted in the motherboard manual.
  3. So that can't be the cause of the problem. :pfff: Your XP disc not scratched or dirty?
  4. XP disc is not scratched or dirty. I've read some threads elsewhere where you need to install the SATA drivers since XP setup might not/or would not recognize SATA drives. This could be the case right???
  5. In fact, it was bad ram the problem after all. Thought it was the HD, but wasn't.
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