ABit IP35 Pro DDR2 800 or 1066 memory?

The Abit IP35 Pro spec is DDR2 800 meg memory. I have seen some posts on New Egg where people where using DDR2 1066 meg memory. Is there any advantage to using the DDR2 1066 meg memory when the motherboard is rated for only DDR2 800 meg memory?

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  1. It will handle DDR2-1066 RAM Fine.

    DDR2-800 is fastest standard.
    The other speeds are not standards and hence not listed as supported.

    DDR2-1066 has become far more popular due to the 1333FSB which makes faster ram more important for very high OCs, especially if running the E6550.

    For the Q6600,E6750, or E6850 then DDR2-800 is likely good enough depending on what speeds you want to hit.
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