Stable overclock no longer works

Ive had my oc running stable for over 2 months: E6300 at fsb:400mhz. My northbridge voltage, MCH was 1.85 and was running fully stable. Yesterday, i needed to restart my computer and when i rebooted, i got an error message saying my oc was unstable. And ever since, I havnt been able to get back to 400mhz. I can run at 395 at 1.75v MCH stable, but if I change MCH to 1.85, 395mhz wont work. I feel like my northbridge isnt getting the full 1.85v when i have it set to that. Could I have damaged the northbridge, or is it possible my power supply isnt supplying enough power? This has really been bugging me to death :pt1cable: . Thanks
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  1. you could start by giving you specs but i doubt your psu isn't giving enough power. Do you really need 400 FSB? 395 vs 400 basically no difference
  2. specs are:
    e6300 on Asus P5W DH Deluxe
    2gb Corsair XMS2 4-4-4-12
    600W OCZ GameXstream
    320mb 8800gts
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