will the Radeon x1650 run supreme commander

i am getting Ati Radeon x1650 with core clock 500
i know its comparable with the high grade card but this is what i can offer
i would love to know if it can run supreme commander r
do any one her have the same card
i have ( AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+, GIGABYTE GA-MA69G-S3H, G.SKILL 2GB PC2 6400, Seagate Barracuda 320Gb)
any comments
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  1. My 1650xt struggled with it, on low settings it could only ever get up to about 700 - 800units before it just couldnt handle it anymore.

    If you have a few quid spare get the 1950pro, it should be alrite.
  2. supreme commander is indeed a good game, even with 8800gts640 i'm not getting good fps, but you might want to turn off the mini map, turning it off will get you a 10-15 increase in fps
  3. the x1950 one indeed a great card
    but i am a afraid of its power consumption
    even if i have 500W PSU with PCE-E power pin
    but i cant get the combination of power with best outcome
    and don't want to increase my electric bills its important to me :)
  4. The 1950pro really doesnt use a lot more power then a 1650 card, it uses about 75watts. Need a PCI-E 6pin power cable but it wont use hardly any of it. If ya go with it trust me ya will be fine.

    accu thats kinda true but its veyr hard to play properly without that little panel lol.
  5. thanks for advice
    you really helped to redefine my research about it :)
  6. I never use the mini map, I just zoom out
  7. isnt sup com more cpu demanding than gpu demanding?
  8. its everything demanding
  9. Its both but for different things.

    If you want tons of grapihcs like high quality, then you need high graphics power.

    If you want tons of units and stuff to work smooth, you need a good CPUand ram.

    But just because you dont have a superb graphics card and cant put it to max quality doesnt mean you can have tons of units. Personally on mine when im using everything on max with 4x SSAA and 4xMSAA with about 800units id guess I get about 20FPS, because its all smooth but when I zoom right in I can see a bit of stutter on units when they move.

    Turning the mini map off solves that though.

    Of coarse if I wanted I could just put 4x AA and everything on medium and it probably wont ever slow down :D
  10. with 2xaa or 4xaa on will boost fps up to ~3-7 in vista64, i dont know about xp tho
  11. I expect it would be a lot more then that for mine, since I've been using like 16x AA.

    Still, at least my 7950GX2 in SLI mode gives 80% performance boost, thats pretty damn good. Matches performance of a 8800gts 320mb :D
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