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  1. Hi, sorry for not explaining.
    Ive been overclocking (for the first time ever!) amd have been using core temp to moniter my tempretures along with nvidia moniter and have just installed speedfan (so that I can have three results for my tempretures to ensure reliability) and the tempretures seem to be all messed up. I am using windows vista 32bit and was wondering what I have done wrong. If anyone could help me it would be much apreciated.
  2. Click on 'configure' and uncheck temp3, CPU, Internal temp, remote temp, temp, temp. These reading are not being used and are not monitoring anything on your system.
  3. thanks a lot, it was confusing me.
    If u dont mind, just one more question, im assuming that core 1 and core 0 are my cpu core tempretures, but what are temp 1 and temp 2?
  4. Temp 2 is your system temp. Temp 1 is also a measurement of your CPU temp . Core's 1 and 2 are cpu core temps (cpu temp monitoring also). All the readings I mentioned should be disabled with the configure option. They are 'checked' or activated, but are monitoring nothing on your system.
  5. Yup, Ive unchecked all the uneccesary ones like you said earlier. Thanks again
  6. Should look more realistic now. The default monitoring setting didn't fit your system. You just had to configure the settings.
  7. balmforth, it is now possible to "Calibrate" CPU temperature and Core temperatures. If you want to be sure that your temperatures are accurate, then check out the following Sticky - Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide:

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