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I just go my new q6600 and I was thinking of overclocking it. I know overclocking has to do with FSB and that times the multiplier and that give you your speed. But there is voltage and some other things I'm clueless about. So lets I OC to 2.5-2.6 Ghz can I just change the FSB and be done or do I have to mess with other things?

I read the sticky and I'm still not sure. Don't make fun of me lol.
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  1. u cant say , because your Q6600 may OC very well and u can do 2.8 without voltage change or it may OC badly and it may be needed to change the voltage and.... for even small OCs
  2. Could you post your specs?
  3. post your specs and the stepping of your Q6600.
  4. One should not post specs guys.
    Each processor will react differently.

    Try and change the values by small steps and check first of all the temps.
    First try and change the multiplier of the proc.
    After that you can try and raise the fsb by steps of 5.

    IMPORTANT. CONSTANTLY MONITOR TEMPS. Idle and under full load
    (I use Everest to monitor)
    Orthos can be used to stress the cpu. Google it and you will find it.

    Be carefull, read a lot about overclocking before you begin.
    And always remember, a broken overclocked processor has nomore warranty.

    For instance I only had to raise the voltage of my memory and not the proc,
    nor the video card.

    It's all about cooling and the behaviour of YOUR processor.

    (imho) :D
  5. yeah I am getting a good cooler since I don't like the stock cooler. What is voltage? So I only have to change the FSB and voltage and then just monitor temps?
  6. If you really want to do dumb it down and not read any guides, sure. What they mean by Voltage is the Voltage that you're allowing to your CPU via the BIOS. Once you hit a certain bus speed, you're processor will no longer be stable without an increase in voltage. Once you increase the voltage, you in crease the heat, so make sure you watch it. If your computer won't even reboot at some point, just reset the CMOS. Just beware that if you break it, the chances are you're not going to get a refund.

    I'm still new to Over Clocking as well, so if there are any experienced people in the matter, please slap me if I'm saying something wrong.
  7. i just wanted it cleared up. I'm only gonna overclock a bit so I just want to change the FSB and be done.
  8. Overclocking needs lots of attention. Not only voltages and temperature but your mainboard, RAM, PSU and other components need attention too, even it's only a little overclock.
    We are asking your specs, means we want to help you regarding when the problem of overclocking will arrise such BSOD etc and give you some suggestion what you have to do. Other than that, we need to know your specs to know if your mainboard and CPU are capable of overclocking.
    So, if you need help on doing this, first action is post your specs. Besides, there's no harm on posting the specs.
  9. sry i was gone for a while. my specs are.

    q6600 G0
    ASUS P35 P5
    4 gb ddr 800
    550w PSU

    I read over some articles and some said that you need to mess with voltages for ram and other things and I'm kinda confused and scared about breaking my cpu. I am tempted to OC since people say it will give you more performance out of your cpu and its simple.

    So to OC. Change fsb to your desired Ghz speed and adjust voltage if its unstable, then monitor for temps?
  10. just remember about your memory ratio. I don't know your board but on the p965 if you up your fsb your memory will also be overclocked. if its linked on your board change it to a 1:1 ratio, in your case you will drop from ddr2 800 to ddr2 533 in your bios then increase your fsb to 300 and leave everything else alone. you will be running at 2.7ghz now. also disable thermal control or speedstep for your cpu in your bios. you shouldn't have any problems with this oc
  11. So to OC. Change fsb to your desired Ghz speed and adjust voltage if its unstable, then monitor for temps?

    Basically. You should read the c2d o/c sticky here. If your fsb o/c isn't stable, up the voltages a notch. cpu up to 1.5v on air. ram up to 2.2-2.5v, depending on the chips.
  12. my mobo is a p35 is that good for over clocking. So ocing the fsb oc my ram too?
  13. A P35 what? Gigabyte, Abit, ?? ? I'm not sure if this makes a difference, but I'd figure someone else may ask.
  14. Yes.
  15. asus P35 shouldn't have any problems overclocking. I think you said you've got stock cooling. First buy a better cooler before trying to oc to 3ghz. If you want to keep it simple and you will be happy with 2.7ghz (for now) just do what i said in my previous post. ALWAYS REMEMBER YOUR TEMPS
  16. is the arctic cooler 7 pro good?
  17. Yes for ~3ghz.
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