Best CPU cooler for AMD XP2800+

I'm looking for the best cooling option for my AMD xp2800+ barton, currently it runs with stock cooling and often passes 60 degrees celcius causing my comp to reboot... .oO(Grrrr!)

I don't wan't to spend a fortune on it but I would like to be able to overclock it a bit, just for the fun of it. I'm thinking 40-50$ maximum

I've been looking on the Zalman CNPS 7000B-Cu combined with Arctic Silver 5

Any better ideas?
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  1. Don't put money into a dead socket, and such a weak processor. I found a 3500+ socket 939 for $23 on eBay, find something like that, and a cheap board.

  2. Thats not an option.. I'm going to buy a new system this winter. for now I wish to squeeze the last power out of this comp and over clock it, just to gain some experience and learn while having some fun.

    I've been looking at the Zalman CNPS 7700B-Cu also, it's around 10$ more... I think I'm gonna go with that one unless anyone has any better ideas?
  3. At the time this was considered a good one too:

    Vantec VA4-C7040
  4. I use a 2800 in a closed cabinet and it never gets hot, try taking the heatsink off and cleaning off the old thermal interface material and use some new heat sink compound. Old stuff or having it on too THICK will make it hotter, you just need a paper thin amount. Me, I even use the cheap radio shack junk and mine is fine with the cabinet CLOSED 24/7.
  5. AND I am using the stock cooler and no rear case a mini atx
  6. royalcrown said:
    try taking the heatsink off and cleaning off the old thermal interface material and use some new heat sink compound.

    +1. this just might solve your problems. mys isters pc had awful temperatures. and when i took the heatrsink off the thermal compund was as dry as paper. applied new thermal paste and it went down from 65 C on 100% load to 45 C.
  7. 1. Be sure you have front intake and rear exhaust fans. You'll never get good cooling if you don't remove the hot air from the case.
    2. I'd use Arctic Ceramic if I were you. You have to be careful with conductive pastes like AS5 on a bare core cpu like the 2800+. Plus, I've heard the ceramic works better. Clean off the stock heatsink and cpu well and remount with Arctic Ceramic.

    You should get better cooling if you do all this. If you are still not satisfied, then get a better heatsink.
  8. Thermaltake makes one for that old socket called the "Volcano." A little noisy, but it really helped back when I had my Athlon XP 2400+.
  9. man I have that cpu it doesn't get that hot just open air maybe a heatsink without a fan who knows

    but seriously though

    that would work fine
  10. I second psychomunkey's recommendation - and Directron is totally reliable and fast.
  11. I set up a HSF on my girlfriend's computer (Athlon XP 2400+, Socket 462). I used this, it's quiet, cheap, and kinda cool looking (for an outdated socket).

    Also, You can set up dual fans for it (I recommend Scythe). If you set them up in opposing directions it appearently yields the best cooling (according to laws of heat transfer and AeroCool's website).
  12. Go with a MAC heatsink ftw!
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