My OCZ 8800GTX OCing results

I have and OCZ 8800GTX limited edition (Stock speed :575/900 )and began to OC it , no additional cooler , all of these tests are in XP 64

First i downloaded RivaTuner v2.03 , then i set the fan speed annd ..... then i began to OC , 10mhz increase in every step , first i tried :

1_590/910, it was stable

2_600/920 , again stable




6_i tried 640 for CoreClock , but it wasnt stable , so 630 is the last for core clock ,so : 630/960



lol i became tired and tried this :

9_ 630/1080 Stable , (didnt try more yet , but i think i shall keep that )
thats faster than a 8800ULTRA ,:D , i am pretty happy with it its really very nice , i ran 3DMARK06 (with CPU tests ) and the max temp was 69 , and here is the result of 3dmark06 : 10379 (cpu @ stock) so what do u think ?
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  1. I think you should be gaming while we speak :P

    Very nice OC :D
  2. Sounds like a nice OC. Although I have no experience with Nvidia cards, your 3DMark06 score seems a tad low IMO. Are you running your 3DMark at standard settings? My rig (in my sig) using a 2.66 CPU OC (from 2.13) and my HD2900XT @ 833/888 in Vista Home scores 10837. Then again, I believe the HD2900XT does very well in 3Dmark. ANyhoo, looks good man.

  3. doesn't xp 64 bit, like, not have drivers?
  4. XP 64 has drivers....... just as often as XP 32, the 64-bit revolution has begun, you better hop in or you'll be left behind! Apparently Maziar and I already are on the right wagon.
  5. well... I only have 2 gigs of ram so it wouldn't make much difference for me I will probably go 64 bit whenever I build a new computer next (no need now)
  6. crysis is said by the devs to run better on 64-bit environment, 10-15% on each core you have I read somewhere :)
  7. thanx guys , well it was late when i posted it , it was about 11:05 PM in iran so i had to go to sleep , by the way i think my result is fine , as i said my cpu is @ stock , because some one with E6600 @ 3.4 and a 8800GTS @ 600/2000 got 10350 and mine is even higher than that
  8. fantastic new guys , i managed to get 630/1100 :D , here is a screenshot :

    According to reviews , :
    Anandtech managed to get 640/1020
  9. so what do u say guys ?
  10. I say NICE!!!!

    if you are brave you can try to flash the card. since you are most likely hitting the max of the shaders, since they clock with the core.

    Many say that nvidia card + bios flash = dead card. but some have done it...then you can set the shaders and core individually.

    Either way it looks good...
  11. thanx , but i dont think i will flash it , i have paid $670 for it and there is was the last ocz 8800gtx in iran , :D
  12. good enough reason :) enjoy
  13. thanx :) , my temp never goes more than 69-70 when my room is little hot or when i am gaming , i set the fan speed to be %100 when temp reaches 69 ,

    when my room is a little cold , the temps are 59-60 and sometimes even lower :D
  14. Maziar said:
    thanx , but i dont think i will flash it , i have paid $670 for it and there is was the last ocz 8800gtx in iran , :D

  15. Rivatuner is definetley the way to go. I have a XFX 320mb 8800gts clocked at 650 core x 2030 mem idle 53c with a e6400 and benched 11249 in 3D Mark 06, was down around 10000 before using rivatuner so i would expect good results from the 8800gtx although i do think you should be about 1500 more than you have benched, although i know nothing of the 64 bit windows you are using so may be its only driver related. Either way you will have no problems showing games who the boss is.
  16. not bad results .. but i think ur cpu is slowing u down..

    i have 8800gts 640mb .. 660/1000 and i scored 12000. My cpu is Q6600@3.2Ghz

    also scored 11900 with E6600 @ 3.6Ghz .. at same vid frec. Try overclocking ur cpu .. u should be getting 14k+ at those frequencies with gtx.
  17. I've never overclocked vid cards much but my mate & I stuck it to our gtx's to see who's could go highest. He has a gigabyte, me an asus.

    His went up to 940/1050. Mine only 934/1050

    BUT, our scores were way higher than yours. Your sm2 score is 500+ points too low, and your sm3 is a few hundred too low to. All up I got 13585 with:

    asus commando
    E6750 @ 3.4
    2x1gig patriot 6400
    Asus 8800gtx

    But as long as you are happy with it & it plays games fine who cares what 3dmark says :)
  18. i think its because of 64bit windows ,
  19. I envy you all :)
  20. OH YEAH!!!! Well my rig scored like 6000 or there!!!
  21. spuddyt said:
    I envy you all :)

    lol :lol:
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