Window wont load in any mode

Windows won't load, I get a black screen with selections to use to manually load windows XP. Safe mode, safe mode with prompts won't work, the screen turns black oand returns to the same list of options.
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  1. Try a repair install as described by Michael Stevens here.
  2. ^+1, but if doesn't work try this.

    Open "System Recovery Options" on the repair disk, or OS disk.
    Open up the Command Prompt.Try typing the following commands in order:

    1- bootrec /fixmbr and hit enter
    2- bootrec /fixboot and hit enter
    3- bootrec /rebuildbdc and hit enter

    Reboot the PC and try again.
  3. when windows showing boot choices & restarts without getting in, then it seems like some virus may corrupted your windows files,, try graphical Repair option that appears after accepting license agreement not the first one which take to cmd prompt & its not easy for normal peoples to use for solving when serious issues occur ..
  4. SAINT bootrec command is for Vista & Win 7.

    fixboot and fixmbr for Xp.

    I would probably be inclined to use the repair install option rather than the recovery console as manojgj suggested above.

    If the OP is comfortable with the command line interface then the recovery console will be much quicker.

    I have linked a guide below that has a step by step guide to repairing a non-booting Xp machine. I would start at step #2 and begin with "Last known good config...", then step #3 "System Restore" from Safe Mode:
  5. O.K. No Safe Mode, Last Known good... if option unavailable safest course would be a repair install.
  6. Disable Automatic Restart so you can at least see an error message.
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