Plextor 750A dvd video playback causes audio issues in a dvd video

Hi everybody,

I've just done a fresh windows install on a new hard drive and I am experiencing a problem I have not had before. Whenever audio+video are played at the same time from a dvd drive, for example a dvd movie, the audio stutters and chirps and so on. When I am in a menu or something that has NO animation the audio plays flawlessly. audio playback on the hard drive is also flawless. Soundcard is a M-Audio 7.1 drivers up to date, same with the plextor. I am reluctant to update the firmware as it has always worked fine before. I am just using the ide cable, no digital audio cable or anything. Any idea why this is occuring? CPU usage is minimal, never going above 30ish percent at the time of playback.

Any suggestion is welcome as this is driving me mad.
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  1. Check the drive and make sure its not running in pio mode. Do this in device manager - primary/secondary ata controllor. Make sure its running in Ultra DMA mode.
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