Why some games sound better without EAX?

Hello everyone, I have been playing GRAW 2 all week not knowing that I had EAX disabled in my in-game setting under audio. Lastnight I enabled it and I believe it sounded better in every way with EAX off, including 3D surround sound. I was able to pick up on the direction of sound (where the enemy was) much better. My question is why would a game have better 3D surround sound with EAX off??? Thanks
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  1. It is possible that the sound is much clearer without EAX because EAX introduces echoes and distortions that would be present in a real urban environment due to the geometry of the structures around you.

    With EAX switched off, you're going to always hear the sounds exactly as they are generated, and in the exact direction they are generated from.

    It depends on what sounds good to you, I suppose. There are games, I am sure, where the EAX implementation is flawed though. Perhaps GRAW 2 is one of those. I have RB6 Vegas, and though I haven't tried playing it with EAX off, I find the sound phenomenal.
  2. The last two nights it does seem that the sound echoes with distortions all around me. With EAX off the sound from which the enemy is coming from is more direct, with EAX on the enemy location is lots more distorted. Gryphyn you nailed it man, Thanks for your insight.
  3. that enlightened me too thx :D
  4. No problem.
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