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Has anyone put an E6750 CPU in the Intel D975XBX2 motherboard? I am building a CAD workstation and want to use this board because I can use DDR2 PC2 6400 ECC memory. I know the X38 chipset will be out next month and is supposed to work with both ECC and nonECC memory. I would like to use the D975XBX2, if it will work. I got a good deal on the board but if I have to I will return it. Currently, Intel is not recommending the use of this CPU with this board. At one point their site indicated that it would then they changed it. Any thoughts would be greatly appreaciated.
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  1. Only way to know is to slap it on and see if it post and runs.

    I have same board and same problem and going to order a E6850 and see if it works since i have found 2 people that Just poped in a E6550 and a E6750 and work fine so who know but they officaly dont support it from intel any 1333FSB CPUS for the Bad axe 2.

    its BS because they tested them on 975XBX2 rev 505 and up boards and even had Penryns .45nm tested on them but they pulled support so you and others will get a new MB with the new CPUS
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