Intel DG965WH and Asus En8800GTS

Hi, can you help me out with some advices related to the fact that I would like to buy an ASUS EN8800 GTS video card, but I do not really know if it will fit well on my motherboard (Intel DG965WH). I know that it supports the PCIE x16 video card, but I had physical problems fitting an ASUS EAX 1600 Pro/Td video card. The screws which support the heatsink of the video card collided with one of the condensers on the motherboard close to the PCIE x16 slot.
Has anyone tried out the ASUS EN8800GTS video card with the Intel DG965WH motherboard, or can somebody give me some advice? I would like to buy the videocard from another country, because it's a lot cheaper there, so that's why I can't try it out elsewere.
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  1. i think it shall fit just fine
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