Issues with the 7.8 driver from ATi and the 1950pro

hello folks

I was wondering if anyone else here was having the following problems with the 7.8 drivers.

I tried to install the drivers as usual (deleting old ones, cleaning out the files etc etc), the drivers install just fine and as usual my resolution is reduced after the restart. All seems well......untill i set my resolution back to the norm. Doing so causes 90% of the icons on my desktop to litrally vanish. I can see the file descriptions, but no a blank blue box when i highlight it. This issue is also present in the start menu, but scrolling over the files causes the icons to reappear in this case (bot not on the desktop). Howeverm when the start menu is closed again and then re-opened the images are gone again. which imgaes vanish is completely random. some stay some dont.

I then tried to run my usual games...and appart from the sound telling the game is infact running, i see nothing. Its just a blank screen with music playing in the back ground from the intro of the game.

Going back to the 7.7 drivers solves all these problems and everything runs as it always has without any flaws, so i know its not my card thats buggered.

Soooo, does anyone else have this issue, or know why its happening and how it can be solved??

if not, i guess i'll just wait for the 7.9 drivers and see what that does.
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  1. I had the same problem when I tried the 7.8 drivers. In the end I went back to the original 1950 Pro drivers.

    The only drivers I have used from the standard ones is what was available in Dec 06 when I got my card. There was problems so I went with the 1950Pro specific and have been running without problems ever since.

    Have you tried the 1950Pro specific and if so does the 7.7 improve on these?
  2. yeah i found the 7.7 to be quite good overall. I cant really tell if there have been any major imprivements, but im sure there must have been some.

    you can always try it and then go back to the original ones if you dont like it.
  3. I have a rig with a x1650xt and had the same probs tried three times went back to old drivers(7.7)and will tryt again with 7.9 or maybee 7.10
  4. nice to know its not just me then :D lol
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