Do i need to get a new graphics card?

Hi all, im trying to improve my computer performance in games....particularly Medieval Total War 2. Its really intensive and i want to run at high res (1280x1024) that just kills my pc.

Was thinking that the bottle neck of my system is the graphics card....what do you think? Can you advise which card is best to get at the moment just want something to keep me going till i do a proper new build next year sometime.

My specs:

1 x Opty 148 @ 2.8ghz
2 gb ram
1 x dfi NF4 sli expert
1 x XFX 7800GT 256mb
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  1. well if you get a good graphic card now you can always put it in your new pc, anyway if not try a gforce 8400 or ATI Radeon X1950 PRO
  2. 8400s are rubbish, worse then your 7800GT
  3. geforce 8400 ? lol , even 2 of them CANT even touch a 7800gt lol ,my vote goes for x1950 or 8800gts if u can afford
  4. will a 8800gts or a x1950 be significantly better in games like Battlefield2 / counter strike / medieval total war 2 than my 7800gt?

    and do you think that the bottleneck of my system is the 7800gt?

    cheers guys!

    heard a rumour that nvidia were about release new cards like a 9000 series so i may wait for a price drop!#
  5. yes it will be alot better , checkh out the charts for more , and also it wont be a bottleneck , u still have a pretty good CPU
  6. djcoolmast erx
    what do you expect for $50-$60.0 at least its dx 10 its a value card until he upgrades the pc nexted year
    personaly i would get a 8800gtx then put it in the new pc after.
    i mean why spend money on a sub card to buy another one in a few months

    """"so i may wait for a price drop!#""""
    the money you spend now on a good card will make up for it later even with a price drop when the 9800's come out
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