Flashing 'my computer' window, unable to access C: drive

Hello, I just finished building a computer last night and this morning I encountered a problem I'm hoping you can help me with.

I took an internal usb/firewire hub out of one of my other computers and plugged it into my new motherboard and plugged and external usb drive into it. It didn't autodetect the hard drive so I unplugged the hard drive from the hub. A bubble popped up telling me my hard drive was installed and ready to use. It is for some reason saying that the the hard drive is still plugged into the usb port and I cant eject it.

Also, now when I open 'My Computer' the drop down address bar flashes nonstop very quickly
and I am unable to select anything on the 'My computer' window.

I have removed the usb hub, restarted the computer multiple times, tried plugging the external flash drive into one of the built in usb ports on my mobo (from which it reads and ejects just fine)

Anybody have any idea whats going on?? sorry for the long post and thank you for your help!

Edit: just thought i'd add that everything else seems to be working just fine...internet, driver updates, etc...
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