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I want to generate barcode images in the .NET framework that supports Custom Windows Forms DLLs or Controls. Cause I'm a freshman of .NET, what do I need when I generate barcode images in the .NET Winforms?
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  1. You mean you are generating a Windows application or a Control library? Whatever, you can add third party control to integrate the barcode generating feature into your project.
  2. You can use a barcode library to do this. The Google Zxing barcode library may help you, just search it.
  3. I mean in winforms applications. and anyone can post me some sample code? I use c#, btw.
  4. Sorry fdsgsd, I can't really help you much with the .NET framework. I use CG4's programs and applications to create barcodes and track my assets and stuff. I hope somebody gets you the info you are looking for.
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