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Hello !

I am curious is it possible to mix a raid setup, I know that Intels matrix raid can do a mix between a 1 and 0 setup but iwas wondering if only a part of the drives can be setup in Raid 0 and the rest in a normal configuration so I have some integrity and I don't loose all the drive space. I was thinking of making a set of drives with identical partitions on each and then putting a set of those partitions in a RAID 0 configuration. I want to do this such that I don't loose all the data on both drives. I just do not want to give up alot of space to redundancy.

This will be my first build with a RAID 0 so this is all a learning experience.

any advice or info would be cool

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  1. Once two disks are put into RAID, any capacity not used in the RAID volumes is wasted and unusable.

    For example, if you had 2x 320GB disks. If you set up a 100GB partition (RAID0) for windows, 50GB from each disk would be used. However, the remaining 270GB on each disk (540GB total) would be unavailable, unless you expanded that first RAID volume, or you created a matrix RAID.

    So you only option really is to use Matrix RAID, with a RAID0 and a RAI 1 array for data.
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