8800GTX SLI - Worth it in Vista? Power Requirements?

Is it worth installing a second 8800 GTX in SLI mode for vista? I have really found a definitive answer for this. Also how much power would I need. I have a Q6700, 2 HDD, 2x DVD/RW, 2x2GB Ram on a 600 watt PSU. If this isn't enough power show I just get a new PSU or install a dedicated VGA PSU like the Thermaltake Purepower 250w PSU in my 5.25" bay? Thanks. Dave
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  1. SLI from my knowledge has been fixed in Vista for all the Nvidia cards. Is it worth it now that all depends. What kind of games do you play? And at what resolutions? Now to the PSU part of it. Who makes it? I would recommend not getting a dedicated VGA PSU and just getting a new PSU. Such as the Silencer 750 it will handle more then most could ever throw at it without even trying.
  2. Fate: I mainly play FPS games like Bioshock, Crysis (in November), Far Cry, Stalker; thouse type of games. My PSU is an OCZ GameXstream. I have never replace a PSU, is it overly difficult? That's why I was thinking of the VGA PSU. Thanks.
  3. If you are gaming at 1920x1200 then SLI will show some performance gains in those kinds of games. It all just depends on what monitor resolution you play your games at. If you could tell me that i could tell you more most likely. Also no it is not diffucult at all. Did you not build your computer?
  4. I have two monitors, one at 1600x1050 and one at 1280x1050. I do my gaming on the 1600x1050 LCD. Yes I built my own computer, but the PSU can with the case. Thanks.
  5. You will see "respectable" performance gains at 1600x1050. However, the performance increase ratio would be a lot greater at 1920x1200 and up. In other words, you may be able to justify the cost of SLI, but your fps may not jump as much as you think it should.
  6. For Power - Look here.....

    Seems SLI of your card may require about 350 Watts for those cards.
    Add 95w for the TDP of your Q6700. and you have 445watts for the core system and between fans, drives, etc... you may be pushing 500w.

    Considering you have a no-name brand PSU, I would think you are borderline at best. If it was a Corsair/Seasonic 620w I would be less concerned.
  7. Thanks. I think I'm gonna wait til November for the G92.
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