Cant play BF2 after installing a new gpu, need help

Hi, I just got a 2900xt recely and installed it using the 7.8 drivers (uninstaleld old drivers, installed gpu, installed drivers)and after doing so im unable to play bf2 anymore, nor the special forces x-pack, I only see a splash screan, then the monitor turns black as if its loading the game, but then it jumps back to the desktop...I reinstalled teh game, but the same thing happens...I checked the "Eazy Info" app that came with bf2, and i got this:

all rest was always the same except thw gpu, I dint change a thing in the past 2 weeks (when i installed teh gpu)

I have no idea what to do, any thoughts apprecieated.
Thank You
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  1. Call tech support for the card.
  2. Are you using a DVI cable and were you previously ?
    I had the same problem when I got my 24" monitor and decided to use the DVI cable instead of the VGA cable that I had been using, reinstalling the game didn't work until I deleted the profile folder.
  3. pretty sure if you hunt around- cant remember the file name but there is a well hidden profile folder that is likley holding your old config and that will fix it. windows explorer will find it.

  4. Thank you, Im using a vga cable, sinec my monitor is an old 2001 one( which i got with my sony vaio) this happens only with the bf2 game, i uninstalled the game, but i decided to keep the old profiles, lol so ill uninstall it again and see what happens, ill report back as soon ill uninstall the game. Thank You
  5. make sure you delete the profile folder after you uninstall...otherwise the same thing will happen.
  6. Thank You all for th ehelp, I uninstalled teh game, with the profiles and there was nothing left after the uninstall, and I installed the game, and it runs fine, thx again for all the help.
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