4x on the PCI-E 16x port?!?!

It just came to my attention that my newly aquired mobo, the AsRock 4CoreDual-VSTA is only running 4x on the PCI-E 16x port. I read there is a performance drop depending on which GPU one has. In my case I'm running a BFG GF7600GT OC, how much performance am I loosing, if any?
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  1. For that GPU, you're not losing any performance unless the drivers on that mobo aren't as efficient. If I remember correctly a card like the X1950XT can't even use the bandwidth of a PCIe X4 let alone X16.
  2. I see.. Thanks for clearing that out for me. ;)
  3. your loosing about....hmmm...0.0001% maybe?

    and the most of the asrock dual mobo's (agp+pci-e ones) run the pci-e in 4X

    i got the 775dual vsta and that has 4x aswell, but since the mobo was just £30 i cant really complain. Plus im using the AGP right now any way, so dont really care..lol.

    will get a better one when i go to pci-e next year or something.
  4. Ive got a gigabyte 945gzm motherbard that has 4x hardware inmplementation on the pcie slot and a pentiumD 925. Im running a inno3d 7600gst ant its actually performing better than the refference 7600gst on the net. So no, you wont loose anything
  5. 0.0001% what the...?! :P

    Seems I was worried over nothing, besides I'll only keep this mobo for around 3 months so I'll survive I guess. :)

    it's just when you buy new hardware you always look forward to see how well it performs compared to the old, would have sucked if I where to loose 50% or something.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing everyone.

    Remember what Plato once said.
  6. I would refer you to this Tom's Hardware Analysis.

    -Wolf sends
  7. Interesting read, I guess the conclusion is that with the gf7600 it won't mean much (still some, but likely not noticeable), but before upgrading my GPU a new mobo is top priority!
  8. PCI-E at 16x is definitely faster for games depending on the game of course.

    If I remember correctly Asrock is more like a AGP PCI-E hybrid. That is why it can only do PCI-E at 4x.
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