Computer locks when jpeg CD inserted

Computer locks up with the hard drive light on constant, when I put in a CD that has only about 40 jpeg files on it. If I right click the DVD/CD drive letter you get hour glass forever. Put the same CD in 2 other computers with no problem. Put an old game in the problem computer and it's fine, same for a music CD. So I am lost. Driver is MS from 2001.
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  1. Sounds reasonable enough but I do have 1 gig Corsair RAM. The weird part is this the only problem this computer has. And only that CD with just regular jpeg files that any other computer opens quickly and easily. And the moment you touch the eject button the computer is fine. I even checked another old back up CD with some jpegs in a folder and no problem. That CD with the problem has 63 jpeg files ranging from 1 meg to 2.5 megs and nothing else on it. I just stuck it in a 3rd computer and no problem Up comes the window asking what you want to do. This is a very strange problem. Thanks for trying to help though.
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