Hard Disk died, I am so screwed. Please help!

I have an old Dell, a few years old and I took out the 80 GB Seagate Harddrive that it came with and put it in a new PC that I built. The moment I hit the power button the PC turns off and would not start up until I took out that Dell Hard drive. I then proceeded to put the HD back into the dell and now the power light flashes yellow and it will not start up.

What has happened? Did the disk completely die? If so I am so screwed. I had important files on that disk. I had no idea it would blow just by putting it into another computer.

Does Dell make their parts fail if you tamper with them by putting them in a different machine?

Any ideas? Please help.
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  1. Maybe you didnt get it plugged back in good enough. Did you happen to move the jumper?

    You should be able to atleast use it as a slave in the new PC and get your goodies to transfer to a new HDD.
  2. Unplug the dell and take the battery out of the mobo for 10 minutes. Then put the battery back in and plug it in and try to fire it up.
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