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Hey Guys,

Looking to record some gaming action in the near future. I have fraps but are there any alternatives that are better? (For a reasonible price). When i mean better, i mean less load on the computer, better quality, ease of use and the likes.

I'll also be using Visual Studio's for editing. Any other suggestions on this front too? I don't mind a learning curve and i'll be buying so again reasonible prices (UK£).

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  1. Any idea's?
  2. MSI Afterburner has a video capture feature. Its what I use, it does not record audio yet though, I believe the beta version does, so it will support both audio and video soon (or find the beta to dl).

    Its free too. Um, can't really speak to the load as I have an i7 2600k @4.4ghz, but I usually lose maybe 5-15 fps while recording.
  3. Dxtory:


    These are the alternatives I use. Depends on what game is in question, I may use Dxtory or Fraps(rarely playclaw, because I haven't purchased the license for it). In general, I think Fraps works the best for me.
  4. Couldn't edit the url to work for some reason sorry.
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