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Currently have a Asus P5K Premium mobo with a Thermaltake 700W PSU. The mobo has a 8 pin auxliary connector where 4 of the 8 pins have a removable cap on them. My PSU comes with both a 4pin and 8 pin connector. What's the recommended pin to use? My mobo states it can take either a 4 pin or an 8 pin (with the 4 covered pins uncapped). I read that by default going 4 pin is the best and you go 8 for SLI purposes (gives the mobo more power from the way it was explained to me). This is a P35 board so no SLI'ing will be happening. What pin do you recommend i attach? The 4 or 8? Or does it even matter.
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  1. Even being the fact that it will run off 4pin... I would have though that if you have a PSU with an 8pin connector this would be a no brainer...
    Plug the 8pin in and give the board the power support it really wants (and designed) to have.
  2. What chookman said.
  3. You'll see Intel boards with the same connector (meaning it has nothing to do with SLI).

    It's really for spreading out the load on the PSU for the CPU.

    Bottom line: if you have it, it doesn't hurt using it.
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