OverClock stable on XP, but not so stable on VISTA ?!

I am completely stable in XP
But in VISTA, i dont have any reboots or .... the problem is that when i want to play the games which are supplied with the OS (like minesweeper.... )i have problems, when i click on mine sweeper it says Unable To find the file [Minesweeper.dll]
The game can not continue, or for example, in solitare , the GAME option (which is on top is gone )
this has happened since i have OC'd, so what do u say ?
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  1. does the problem go away when you downclock?

    have you tried running prime95?
  2. I'm a bit stuck on the part where an overcock causes missing dll's...

    have you moved any files around in your games folder at all?
  3. i think because of some updates i have downloaded (they were hotfixes for gaming ), what do u think ?
  4. Yah - I'd believe the updates could do it... If you go into your computer and click on the advanced settings link, I think you can roll the update back. I'm at work on XP at the moment, so don't quote me on the path....
  5. ok thanx for the help
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