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Hey guys I have a harddrive from a client that needs files off of the harddrive.
I connected the drive to an XP system.
The drive is half Fat32 and half NTFS
In windows Explorer I only see the NTFS portion of the files that I can access and get off.
In the disk management console I see that the Fat32 portion is active and healthy but I cannot access it through Windows Explorer.
What is the best way to get to this information?

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  1. try to restart the computer in safe mode, if nothing works then google is your friend
  2. XP can read FAT32 partitons. The problem may be that the owner has it checked as a "hidden" partition. Xp will be able to see the partition, but not what is on it. Can the harddrive be reinstalled into the original machine so the owner "unhide" it? You may be able to uncheck this in the properties on the drive, or you may have to have to use a 3rd party disk partitioning software to make the partition visable again.
    Whatever the fix is, I am pretty sure this is what is causing your problem.

    Late edit:
    What kind of PC did the drive come out of?
    Many prebuilt systems like Dell, HP, etc will have a hidden partition containing the all the info to restore the PC to it's "like brand new" condition. Could this be the issue?
  3. I cannot load it into the original machine.... good advice guys I will try safe mode.... any other suggestions of being able to view the FAT 32 partition.....
  4. Tweak UI or Powertoys for Windows allows you to easily hide partitions by simply opening the program, selecting "drives", and unchecking any drive you want hidden.
    You may be able to download it, and unhide the drive with it, but I am not sure. It's a very small program, only takes a second to download and install, might be worth a try.....???
  5. Did you assign it a Drive letter via DiskMgr?
  6. I will give that download.... a try....
    It was automatically assigned the letter F withing windows explorer......
  7. I did not assign a drive letter in DiskMgr....
  8. hey jitpublisher... I clicked on the drives.... but it is not hidden.... it is seen as checked..... I have not yet checked if i can .... get to it in safe mode... about to try that... to see if i can access the fat32 portion of the drive....
  9. Well, I had my doubts it would be that easy, but I thought it was worth a shot anyhow.
    I am fresh out of ideas on this one.
  10. Well I appreciate your suggestion it was worth giving it a try and also I will be able to use that tool for other... tasks.... I'm going to try going into safe mode to see if I can get to that fat32 portion of the drive......
  11. boot a linux live distro like kubuntu from cdrom. Linux will mount that partition and you can copy all the files.
  12. could you go into further detail.... right now i have the drive attached to my xp system... .linux live distro..kubuntu from cdrom ?????? elaborate or point me in a direction to research this further of what tools i need to explore your solution
  13. bb100d researching about linux live distro... thank you.... pretty cool so far just to know much appreciated......
  14. Ok...sorry for being so brief. I had company over... here is a link to Kubuntu:
    Download the iso file and burn it to a cd. Then reboot your computer, being sure you have boot from cd selected in the bios or by pressing a "boot menu" button on the keyboard during POST.
    Once Kubuntu boots up...which will seem extremely slow because you are loading an entire os into ram...you can open the file manager which is called konqueror and select "storage devices" from the left panel...if its there. if its not there, just type "media:/" (there should be a "colon slash" where the smiley is)in the address bar (without the quotes) this should show all the storage devices attached.

    If you can't browse into them, you will have to "mount" them. I can't find my kubuntu cd and can't remember if it mounts the hard drives automatically.

    If you download fedora 8 live cd I can walk you through step by step...I just booted fedora from cd on a windows box and browsed into windows. fedora is here:
    down load the first one "Fedora 8 Live KDE i686"
    you will need a bittorrent client like azureus to download torrent files.

    Good luck
  15. Use Partition Magic
  16. is this a free download... or something I have to purchase....
  17. yes, kubuntu and fedora are free downloads.
  18. Are you sure he had files on it? XP should be able to see the fat32 no problem. I know this for a fact, because I had dual boot 98 and XP and I used a partition on the XP drive to keep common files for both OSs. Are you sure it wasn't a restore partition. Something doesn't make sense here.
  19. Don't use the linux live distro with a raid active. It can corrupt an active raid (like mirrored drives.) If you are going to try this, disconnect your boot HD first. I gave Kubuntu (live 64 bit distro) a spin and I had to re-construct my raid 1 when I got back to windows. It wasn't a big deal for me, but I would have disconnected my drives first had I known.

    Linux live, sounds like a good quick solution, though.
  20. There is data on the fat32 portion like 6+ GB of data that shows up within disk management.. it only sees the ntfs portion of the partion to access through ... windows explorer and dos....
    hairycat101 i do have mirrored drives but these only hold media on them would that still effect them if i did a linux live distro...
    so disconnect those mirrored drives before booting up the linux live distro disk...
    zorg the user mentioned that the machine was a 98 machine...
    just telling you what i see...
  21. I don't know that anything negative will happen to your raid. I am just speaking from personal experience. Mine is that I had to rebuild the raid because one of my drives was corrupted by the live distro. I also tried to explore a little on my computer, though. I would have two drives only hooked up. The one with the information on it and one to copy it to. Or you could try to transfer the data over the network (assuming you have another free computer with enough space). It might not hurt anything if you just don't try to poke at those drives while in linux. Easy to unplug though...
  22. great heads up I will disconnect the mirrored drives and only have the drives that I'm going to work with... I will start the process of the linux live distro and let you guys know what happens.. I appreciate all the suggestions and heads up... any other avenues to take besides the linux avenue.... let me know ... thanks guys.. will follow up and let you know what happens...
  23. Anxious to hear all about it. Please keep us advised. and good luck.
  24. Did you tried with win98 boot floppy, and access it from DOS? If that doesn't work, try with Winternals :ERD Commander. It's a program (not free, but you can allways download it from p2p) that repairs windows, and removes all kind of administrator privileges. Try with that, it allways work for me.
  25. He must have crashed his computer. Still no word. :(
  26. I have not yet had the chance to create a linux live Cd to boot off of to see if that can access the fat32 portion of the harddrive.....
    1). Will disconnect mirrored drives
    2). Boot off of linux live CD
    3). If i can access fat32 portion of haddrive that I need data off of... will copy data to the c:\ system disk......
  27. So... Sup, jdmarsh2g? Anything yet?
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