Need some help with case and psu for 8800GTX machine

I'm getting ready to build a machine and so far I'm looking at a setup similar to:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Processor
GeForce 8800 GTX
CORSAIR XMS2 DOMINATOR 2GB - will probably be getting 4GB but might have to get the last 2 GB later
Western Digital RaptorX 150GB

Now, I'm wanting to build a machine that is going to be alot smaller than my full-size tower and be easy to transport. The micro desktops looked appealing but from what I've heard about the size of the 8800GTX that doesn't look like it would be very feasible, plus if I'm oc'ing and have this much power in the system I don't want to have overheating issues.

What I was hoping you guys could do is help me come up with a nice, small case that will be easy to move around and transport and recommend a good psu and mobo that will compliment this nicely. I was considering using water-cooling to help compensate and disperse the heat better in the smaller system, but not sure if I'd have enough room to do this.

Can you guys shoot me over some advice? Thanks in advance!
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  1. use antec 900/ silverstone 750

    the middle section will be blocked by the 8800gtx which is fine it blows air right on it

    your have room for 3 hard drives in the bottom - below is an 8800gtx, q6600 with silverstone strider 750 and raid0

  2. Is it going to be necessary that I go with a modular psu with such a case?

    Basically I've heard many horror stories about the size of the 8800 GTX and with all that I've heard it doesn't sound like I'm going to have enough room to fit everything I need in a Micro or Mid Tower case. If I do the heat produced is going to be an absolute nightmare, especially if I start oc'ing. Or at least that is from what I've read.

    Just adding this tidbit real quick. This is the first machine I'll have ever built so I really don't have a huge idea of a size to fit ratio with all the parts.

    Key things I am looking at is getting the Mobo, 1 hard drive although not sure if I should use the raptor for my gaming and then go for 2 hd's in raid setup or not (what would you guys recommend?) , the PSU, sound card, my cd/dvd writer/drive, and hopefully rig it up with a fan/water cooling combo so I can oc, assuming I can figure out how to do all that. Is it going to be possible with your suggestion of using a mid tower or even possible a micro tower?
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