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I have a Dell XPS 410 PC with Windows Vista Home Premium. I am using Lacie d2 HD Quadra external drive with the Lacie eSata PCI Card (2 eSata Ports). My computer came with the following integrated RAID controller: Intel(R) ICH8R/ICH9R SATA RAID Controller

When I boot-up my computer, I need to have the Lacie d2 HD Quadra powered-up; otherwise, my computer won't boot up (the Intel Raid Controller doesn't see my internal hard drive). It appears that the Lacie eSata controller has taken over the PC. Is this normal?

I have the boot sequence in the BIOS to only boot from the internal C: drive. When my machine boots, the Lacie eSata controller displays its boot message first, followed by the PC integrated Intel RAID controller. If I don't have the Lacie driver powered up (turned on), the PC controller displays that nothing is connected to the controller and the computer hangs. If the Lacie drive is powered up, the PC controller indicates that three slots are in use: internal hard drive, cd/dvd drive, cd/dvd rw drive. My PC sees the Lacie Drive as a SCSI device. The drive seems to work fine, other than having to have it turned on to boot my computer.

When the computer hangs, the number 1 and 2 lights are lit up on the PC, which indicates a problem with an expansion card, according to my Dell documentation.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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  1. Mark,

    I am having this exact same problem myself! I too have the Dell XPS 410, LaCie eSata PCI card with 2 eSata ports and the d2 Quadra external.

    I hang at the POST. When I look that up on Dell, they do have one article on that, saying that we need to go into the BIOS to activate the External SATA under the DRIVES section of the BIOS settings. However, I do not see an External SATA section under DRIVES in the BIOS. And when I try to select AUTO DETECT RAID instead of RAID ON, it hangs at POST/BIOS boot-up again!

    Very frustrating!

    I am wondering if we need to run an internal SATA cable from one of the empty SATA connections on the Mobo to the card itself? I noticed a small 4 pin connector on the top of the LaCie card, but don't have any documentation on it...

  2. Doug,

    I solved the problem in the middle of December, and I happened to use the solution you suggested in your post. I purchased a KINGWIN 15.7" (400mm) eSATA Bracket cable Model ESAC-04 from I connected the SATA side of the eSata bracket cable to an unused SATA connection on the motherboard. I then connected the LaCie eSata cable to the eSata connection on the eSata bracket cable. The other end of the LaCie eSata cable plugs in to the eSata connection (same as before when using the LaCie eSata PCI card.

    When the machine boots up, the LaCie d2 Quadra is seen as an internal SATA drive. The Quadra doesn't have to be powered on for the computer to boot up. I tested the Quadra drive performance, and the burst rate was quite high - 90MBs.

  3. Mark,

    Excellent! Thank you very much for your quick reply!

    The Kingwin eSATA bracket you describe above, which is only $2.99 at newegg, looks easy enough :-)

    I guess this means the LaCie eSATA PCI card was a waste of money? Perhaps that card has more value for people who don't have spare SATA connections on their motherboards?

    Thank you again!

  4. Mark, Doug, or anyone,

    I, too, have a Dell XPS 410 PC with Windows Vista Home Premium. I'm trying to set up eSATA. From Mark's post, I learned that I should have an unused SATA connection on the motherboard. Would you please describe where it is on the motherboard so that I may connect the SATA side of the eSTATA bracket to it? Your reply will be greatly appreciated.

  5. Mark, Doug, or anyone,

    I found that the RAID controller driver was on the Lacie eSATA PCI Card CDRom that came with...I pointed to update my driver to my CDRom and the driver should be the "Silicon Image SiI 3512 SATARaid Controller" detected my two external Lacie D2Next Quadra as SCSI Drives fine. Sorry...upon reboot, I experienced the same errors you had...damn...

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