Help!!! Who's telling the truth about my CPU speed?

Everyone I need some help!

Just installed an 5000+ Black Edition into my Asus M2N-E motherboard, upgraded the BIOS, etc, etc. Set the CPU Multiplier to 14 and the BIOS shows the CPU is running at 2800mhz. Once I've booted to XP, CPU-Z (Version 1.41) shows the Multiplier as being set to 13 and the CPU Speed as being 2600mhz. Windows System Information is showing the CPU at being at 2800mhz. :??:

I tried changing the multiplier setting in the BIOS and I've had it running at 3200mhz according the BIOS and XP but CPU-Z still shows 2600mhz :??: :fou:

What one is telling the truth?
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  1. Did you test under idle and load conditions? Try playing a game and then checking CPUZ while the game is running.
    You didnt mention if you'd gone ahead and disabled AMD's Cool'n'Quiet BIOS option.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, but I've solved it. I had disabled C'n'Q from within windows, but as soon as I disabled it in the bios it took the multiplier changes I made and everything shows the correct CPU speed. :)

    I should have known better, the M2N-E had the same issue with an earlier BIOS version regarding C'n'Q. I would have expected Asus to improve the BIOS over time, not re-introduce old problems :(
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