Can I read a QR Code and show it on textbox?

I'm a newcomer of barcode. I'm wondering is there a way to read a QR Code barcode and then appear in textbox.
Any suggestion?

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  1. Are you doing this for business purpose? How large is the number of QR Code to be scanned? If not large, and no requirement over speed, you can directly scan the QR Code using mobile phone.
  2. Normally, there are a lot of devices that can be used as a qr code scanner, such as smartphone camera, webcam, etc. you need to install a QR Code reading program on your device, then it will decode the QR Code.
  3. Yes, scanning program + scanner device will be OK. QR Codes could be read by the Smartphone camera, so find proper reader for .NET or if you are using Android system, you may need the Java reader.
  4. After installation, you may try this code:string[] barcodes = BarCodeReader.scanBarCode("qrcode.gif", BarCodeType.QRCODE);
  5. I know a good barcode generator and reader site. You may take a look. Last time I used their Java QR Code barcode generator SDK and VB.NET QR Code barcode generator SDK. I think they are good.
  6. This is might what you are looking for:Barcode reader for .net. This reader can read QR Code and other linear barcode images.
  7. Yes ,you just need to install a QR reader app on your smartphone .If your interested in QR generating,you may take a look and have a try.It is just online and free.
  8. If you want a good QR code app for Windows I use one called QRCopy. It's got both a generater and a QR code reader (it uses your webcam to scan codes, you don't have to find a way to get the qr code onto your computer first). I tried a few other QR code scanner/reader apps but QRCopy scanned a lot faster and it works in my room which is a bit dark. It does exactly what you asked for, it'll read a code then show the decoded text in a textbox. It can also link up with your clipboard so that it'll decode then put the decoded text into the clipboard, or if you put text on the clipboard it can pop up a qr code containing that text.
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