Little Help Fellas

Hi guys,

Im trying to build a PC for my little brother for his bday. Im trying to get out of this as cheap as possible, and will be using alot of parts I have.

What I need advice on is

Vid card:

For the cpu i was thinkin E4300 (unless there is better for less?)

As fror the other two im not sure. As I said im lookin for as cheap as I can. So whats the best bang for my buck on those catargories?

PS. The mobo needs to work with PC 3200 mem.

Any info is much appreciated.
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  1. We only have an ASROCK board which supports DDR1 and Core2Duo ,
    for VGA , u can get X1950pro , thats the best bang for buck
  2. Maziar said:
    We only have an ASROCK board which supports DDR1 and Core2Duo ,
    for VGA , u can get X1950pro , thats the best bang for buck

    Thank you for the info, could you shoot me some links please? There are so many lol. Thank you.
  3. Will my PC 3200 work with that setup?
  4. I agree with MrsBytch. If you are looking for best bang of you're buck, go with the AMD system. The DDR400 ram you have is going to be a problem when trying to match up with the newer processors. If you ditch the memory, you do have options to go with a Core 2 Duo system, but I don't think it will be as cheap as an X2 system.....
  5. What parts do you have that you could reuse? PC3200 memory is not worth much. How much do you have?

    Is the pc intended for gaming? If so, start with the most important part, the vga card.

    Perhaps it would be better to design from scratch. For a low end system, you can't beat the price from some of the mass market vendors. They must get the OS for almost nothing. If you have parts you don't use, then sell them on e-bay for what they are worth and use the funds for what you want.
  6. email me at warpedsystems - and i give you my direct phone number!

    i always like to help a bro with his bro!
  7. first you build your system from the cpu and gpu and your budget

    please use a 6420 not an e4300

    then get good ram - super talent 4-4-3-10 at $93 at the egger

    next is gpu - your chip can go down if your budget will not allow a good graphics card.

    you need a good psu

    forget all this - i have a system i sell you its $600 in parts you have for less then cost

    amd am2 3600 x2 oc to 2.2ghz in lanparty mobo, with a case with a window - what else can u ask 4?

    i help u email me here is some ideas:

  8. wow what a mess - email me i be glad to make you a build list and bios settings!

  9. ok

    pc3200 memory - well you need a 939 chip

    i have a mobo and a psu you can have for next to nothing - its nforce4 - you need to score s cheap 939 chip

    -- yes you can use an e4300 but its highly unlikley yoy find a good mobo that both runs that chip and pc3200 - sorry - my cheapest system is $1700 - my average is close to $3000

    but i still help you out! if u need email me!
  10. You are way overpriced. For that much you can get a VoodooPC( wow! the price has gone up on these) or FalconNW.
  11. Can you give us a budget?
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