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ok, im buying a new tv to use as a monitor and watch films and gaming. am i better of getting a lcd monitor 27" or keep the tv? i will be able 6/7 feet away from the tv. what do you think i will be buying this tv panasonic TX32LXD70
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  1. If you can afford the LCD, I would go for that. With the TV you are looking at a much lower (1366x768) resolution than the monitor (1920x1080). The lower resolution can make text difficult to read on such a large monitor (make it fuzzy etc). Also, the price can be a big factor; what price are you looking at for the monitor?
  2. ive got 600 pounds, plus with my monitor the text is very small when i use it far away with my wireless keyboard. so i will prefer larger text, unless i get some kinda glasses or something. but yeh large text is fine.
  3. You will be able to change the text size to suit you, I just meant with a large TV with lower resolution the text can look fuzzy. Anyway, with 600 pounds it is a tougher decision because it looks as though some of the better 27" monitors are out of your reach. For example, this dell is over your range,

    I'm not sure what 27" monitors fall into that price range, so you may be well off with the TV. You may try to go to a local electronics or computer store and check out a similar 32" LCD with a computer display and try reading normal text to see if it would suit you. If it does, the TV may be your best bet.
  4. I think that means LCD TV or PC monitor. I've used a Viewsonic 37" and upgraded to a Toshiba 42" and at 720p (1280x720) fonts are perfectly clear and can be seen up to 10 feet away.
  5. oh i meant lcd tv or pc monitor, ah i checked that out just over my price bracket. i think i shall just stick with my tv. as i am planning to get another 24" monitor so i have 3 monitors connected to my pc, one a lcd tv and 2 pc monitors. should be good, all i need is another graphics card.
  6. If you are going with a 24" monitor I would suggest the Dell 24". I just bought one a month ago and it is fantastic for games and movies. I would wait until it goes back on sale though as you can save about $100. They put it on sale about once per month.
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