Northbridge water cooling

I have a gigabyte P35-DS3R motherboard and after installing CPU water-cooling have found the northbridge gets quite warm (50-60c).
As the water cooling i have in place on the CPU is more than adequate to incorperate GPU and chipset cooling i am looking for a suitable water block for the P35 chipset. After reading some reviews i understand the push-pin fittings for this can cause problems so wondered if anyone had any suggestions about blocks that would work well. Preferably a solid copper block, as the cpu block i have is copper and i understand mixing with aluminium is baddddddd :P
Cheers for the help
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  1. Not unless you have coolant that stops it :P

    Swiftech and EK do good blocks

    Why not do a ghetto mod with a 40mm fan? I tried it on my P965-DS4... and... it worked!

    But yeah, here is a good example
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