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i am building a new computer next year. i am going to give my daughter this one. i want the 110Gb hdd off of this one and have a 30Gb to put in it. this computer is a Compaq and i have about 40gb used on it (if applicable) and want to put windows xp from the 110gb hdd to the 30gb. how do i do this?
i can make recovery CDs if it will help, i have seen the clone programs but i am going the opposite way with a smaller HDD, my daugter won't need much space, heck i only used 40gb in 4-5yrs
i just want windows XP, games and whatever programs i choose to be transfered to the 30gb hdd
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  1. First, you can only run only legally run XP on one computer so your best bet would be to get an OEM copy of XP for $90 for the 2nd machine. If the compact came with recovery disks rather than a Windows CD, it wouldn't likely work in the new machine. Depending on how old the drive is smd if it's SATA, you can get a SATA 120GB drive for $48. Storage is really inexpensive right now
  2. i will reformat the 110gb disk after the transfer, it will be empty for the new system, i'll worry about OS on the new system when the time comes. i just want to get this computer running on the 30gb hdd. i want to spend as little as possible.
  3. Use Casper XP software to tranfer files it includes OS. make sure the files from 110GB can fit to 30GB. or you can select by partition to partition. This way you can retain all the setting, OS files, no more reinstallation to the 30GB hdd.
  4. is there any free software to do it with?
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