Computer boots- no graphics... sometimes

Please help me.

I built my own system (2.4Ghz quad overclocked to 2.8, 8600 nvidia dual-link, asus P5K deluxe wifi) and normally it works like a dream!

But sometimes I boot it and the system and hdd lights stay lit.... but no POST beep occurs and no graphics show up. This morning that happened and I turned it off and flipped the power in the back off and back on... and now it keeps rebooting at the point it SHOULD be turning on my monitors once they get a signal.

This happened before when I was building it and a motherboard reset did it. But what can I do to help prevent this from continuing??!

Thanks so much,
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  1. I'd clock everything back to factory speeds and see if the problem goes away. If that solves your problems, you'll need to verify that your RAM is capable of the increased speeds and that your PSU can handle the extra load.
  2. Oh, and since your OC'n keep an eye on your temps.
  3. I would reseat your graphics card. Sometimes connection between the motherboard and graphics card get lose and don't make contact.
  4. I'd do all above and add to that the possibility your RAM or CPU might need a voltage tweak - although with such a modest OC I really doubt it - but still, maybe take them up a tad.

    Also be sure your RAM is seated all the way down.

    Also, what model power supply are you using?
  5. I've tried all of the above. Resetting my motherboard, reseating my video card and ram. The strange thing about this is that my computer worked just fine last night. It's just sometimes (and usually in the morning :|) that it doesn't boot the first time. this morning it did it twice in a row. And after waiting for it, I decided to cut the power in the back and try again. So I did that and now it's just restarting after it starts.

    I have a rosewill 550w PSU.
  6. I had sorta the same problem with my Asus A8N-VM CSM motherboard. To fix it, I had to update the bios, then turn off Cool 'n Quiet as well as QFan. Seems the CPU fan was spinning too slow to register because the CPU wasnt warm/hot and the system thought it was a fan failure and would reboot or shutdown (or sometimes not even post) on me on a cold boot.

  7. I can't even get to the BIOS configuration because the computer resets about at 3 seconds.
  8. Does a CMOS reset do anything at this point? If so you can try BIOS updtae and\or adjustments suggested.

    If not I guess you better check the PSU and then assume a bad mobo.

    My p5b deluxe sometimes fails to POST too. Not sure what causes it but thankfully it's very occasional and a cold boot usually fixes it on the first try.

    Maybe try booting with 1 stick of RAM. Just a hope.
  9. Well...

    I replaced the power supply with an Antec 550w... no good. So then I did a bunch of motherboard resets and stuff.

    I now seem to have it back up and running. How would I know if the mobo is dead? It's working now... is that a good sign or indeterminable?
  10. Rosewill is a cheap power supply? No? You should maybe try another power supply if you have it like from a second system?
  11. Make sure that you don't have any screws floating around in your case. Also, make sure that your power connections to your motherboard and GPU are correct.

    Best of Luck
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