Online armor free and paging faults

The oasrv.exe of Online Armor free firewall is racking page faults at an incredible rate 4,800,000+ in less than 30 minutes. AV anti-virus also seems to cause a lot of page faults. Is this typical of firewall and anti-virus programs? Also get a "not enough storage to complete operation" occasionally. Is this virtual memory space since my HD has over 20Gigs of free space. This is a stand alone Windows XP Home SP 3 software running PC
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  1. How much RAM do you have, and what is the size of your swap file?
  2. have 778mg ram and swap files I have just configured to let Windows chose, before that it was set 1157mg. Noticed the problem when I started to get "not enough storage space to open program". Things would start to display very weird and couldn't shutdown the computer down except by interrupting the power supply to computer. System will boot up fine and work like a charm until the error crops up again usually after more than 8 hours logon time
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