Very Strange Temps - Not Good if Correct

Very weird temperature readings. Comments appreciated.

The setup: EVGA 680i (A1), e6850, 2GB Corsair, 74GB Raptor, 2x7900GS (BFG), 500w Antec EarthWatts, Zalman 9700.
The e6850 is running at 3600 (400x9) @ 1.3875 V (1.344 with droop).

So I'm on a long multithreaded Prime95 run and core temps are sticking right around 60/60 C. But tcase reads 108C in both NVIDIA Monitor and SpeedFan. ("System" shows 119C in SpeedFan but 37C in NVIDIA Monitor.)

Everything's perfectly stable and snappy after about 9 hours of P95, which is still running.

Should I be worried?
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  1. Just restarted and checked the temps in BIOS. It appears the above are just incorrect, as I thought. BIOS showed CPU = 48C & board = 34C. Have been running P95 for a couple minutes again and cores are 59/59, CPU (tcase) is 61C and System is 35C, which is what I've come to expect. (Tcase has always read high for me, about the same as cores or even slightly higher.)
  2. kuniskos, you can calibrate your temps by using Section 9 in the Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide:

    Comp :sol:
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