SATA Controller did not detect my Raptor


Booted up windows this morning and my computer crashed while loading the start up programs. Everything locked up and I could not access task manager or anything else.

I rebooted and suddenly my SATA controller was not detecting my harddrive. I shutdown at that point and booted up after 10 seconds and it was back again.

What is wrong with my Raptor? It did this the other day and I've tried changing the power connected from the SATA one to a Molex plug. I only got the raptor last Friday.

I am running the harddrives of the JMicron contoller (AKA GSATA on my mobo) as I have the ICH8 chipset (doesn't support AHCI) and am using AHCI mode.

Please anyone?

My Specs:
HDD: Seagate Barrcuda 320gb SATA and WD Raptor 150gb SATA
Mobo: GA-965P-S3
CPU: E6600
Memory: 4x1GB Corsair PC6400C4
PSU: Silverstone 650w
GPU: 8800GTX
SoundBlaster XFi (PCIx)
CPU fan, 2 case fans and a FOX2 heat extractor.
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