Video is choppy and sound is out of sync

I have an compaq evo which is refurbished. I have recently done an system recovery on the computer twice. The first time when I streamed videos from sites such as hulu, dramafever it played well. Now when I stream videos the sound is not in sync and the video is a bit choppy. If this helps when I pause the video it keeps playing for an few seconds before it stops. Below is an description of my system. I have also noticed when I use youtube the video works fine, not choppiness or sound being out of sync. In google chrome browser video has problems, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling chrome since I could not uninstall and reinstall flash player in chrome. I also have this problem with firefox, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the flash player but still had the same problem.

Pentium[R] 4 cpu 1.80 GHz
1.79 GHz 512 megabits of ram

Windows xp operating system

When I first started to stream videos when I first recieved it, it was a little choppy but now the sound is not in sync and it sometimes skips seconds of video while streaming.

What can I do to fix this? I am trying to resolve this without having to go to geek squad.
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  1. What browser version do u use?

    Try different browser.

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