Hook up r2r to computer

would like to hook up my r2r recorder directly to my computer so that i can store r2r music on the computer. does anybody know how to do it? thanks.
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  1. Download Audacity from here. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
    Connect your line out from the r2r and into the line input of your sound card.
    Audacity is free and a very good program to use, you can save in wave or mp3 format.
    It will also allow you to edit the tracks, so if say you record a full album in one hit, you can split it into individual tracks if you wish.
    If you have RCA outputs on your r2r you can get an adaptor to 3.5mm required for the sound card. You should be able to feed direct from your r2r without need for the amp, try it and see.
    Have fun.
    If you get stuck come back.
    PS nearly forgot, find the settings in Audacity to playback during recording, I can't remember exactly where they are now I havn't played with it for a few years, but you will know what is needed when you see it. Go through all the options and preferences.
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