System Crashes during Flight Sim X

About 5min into FSX my system crashes. Once it's restarted the system crashes even sooner then before while playing. I had no problems before w/ an ASUS 7600GS. But now I run two XFX7900GS in SLI and this happens. Temps are ok (45-47C while gaming). However, my PSU is not SLI certified and I'm using a Y converter for the other PCI-E connection. Could it be the PSU? I'm scratching my head. Any suggestions are appreciated.

320GB Barracuda
500W Coolmaster
XP Pro
Dell WFP2007
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  1. Quote:
    "using a Y converter for the other PCI-E connection"
    If there is enough power to begin with using the Y connector shouldnt be a problem. But yes the power supply might be the problem. What model 500w Coolermaster is it? Can you find the +12V power specs on the PSU. Should look like this:
    Have you tried running just one 7900GS? Still get system crashes then?
  2. I think it could be your psu.500w with xfx in sli? Seems a bit underpowered. Are You over clocking?got lots of pci cards,fans,dvd drives etc.? try one of those psu calculators online,sory no link.Besides you realy cant go wrong upgrading to 600-700w psu
  3. If you can, make sure that each card is supplied from a different +12 rail. Do not use a 'Y' splitter!
    Rather a single from each rail.
    The 2 cards are asking for about 25 amps or 12.5 each.
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