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I think i fried my motherboard

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September 4, 2007 8:29:39 PM

Hello Tom's Hardware i hate to make my debut on the forums under such dire circumstances but it seems that my motherboard is dead (please let it not be so).

IIRC the model is a Gigabyte K1100FI.

To make a long story short(ish) my brother had been playing on my computer. I checked up on him to see that there was no video signal and the comp was not responding. After a reboot it went past POST and memory check but got stuck just before displaying "Memory runs at dual chanell" and doing the ide check. I performed a couple bios resets (both battery and cmos jumper) and after a few of these the comp started kinda stuck at detecting ide drives but procedeed to boot. i reconected the drives and it booted again to the windows logon screen. then i got stuck again and following reset got stuck right before displaying "memory runs at dual chanell". I then tried to reset the bios again but i tried to turn on my comp with the cmos jumper on the 1-2 position "reset cmos". Nothing happened so i moved the jumper and tried to turn the comp on again only to be greeted by multiple beeps. (a lot more than the standard 10-11 for bad mobo or cpu)

I'm afraid i might have shorted out my mobo but awaiting further advice i removed the bios battery and unplugged the computer.

Here's where you hopefully come in. Is there anything i might do?

Strange thing is that my brothers comp died too a week ago and i did not touch that comps bios or anything. in fact it was sent to a specialist for a windows reinstall and was DOA....wouldn't even post.

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September 4, 2007 8:48:53 PM

PS: while beeping like crazy all the fans spin and the hd's power up. now my rig is without the bios battery hoping it's just a cmos error. also, before i turned the comp on with the clear cmos jumper on one bootup got a corrupted video signal. the screen showed multiple images of the ram boot check in all sorts of colours.
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August 15, 2008 9:35:55 PM

Can you list the full specs?
If you have more than one stick of memory installed, try booting with one at a time.
August 17, 2008 1:41:04 AM

Ok, I think I may be able to help you out.; That is because the initial problem you reprot where the POST gets stuck checking the memory or something else because this has heppened to me and I know the solution. This happens to me whenever I boot my computer with an external FDD plugged in to the USB. Most of the time its my MP3 player with 1 GB memory. I think that the motherboard gets confused by this addition of harddrive with its own firmware. So, i suggest that you take that off if you have one. Next, as for the motherboard issue, unplug the PC from all cables. Place it on your bed or something, and put the battery back in the motherboard. Make sure everything is connected properly. if you have a motherboard manual, read it to check the beeping code list, itll tell you what the beepings diagnose. Post back with any results.