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Hi guys, i have a question. Recently i changed a copier, of a different model. I initially uses LAN Fax and i saves the fax number of people on my PC, and after i changed the printer, definitely the driver has to go. I installed a new driver and i want to retrieve the data from my old Lan Fax driver. Where is the data being saved at? Is there any software i can download to retrieve them? It would be best if i can see the physical object so i can at least convert the format. Thanx a bunch.
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  1. Where it's saved depends on what software you used go fax, check the help file there. May be an export you can do on the info also.
  2. Hmm.. i went over to regedit to check the exact location. Thanx!! =) And unfortunately, i cant export them. Canon and Ricoh do not share the same format and layout for address book. Have to do the manual converting! =( luckily for me, the addresses aren't that much.
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