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Hi, this is the first time I've installed a graphics card so anyway. I was using an embedded graphics chip and just put in an 8600GT.

First problem, the card has 2 DVI ports my monitor uses D-sub, I have a DVI to VGA adapter though. I haven't uninstalled the driver yet for the chip but my computer isn't really picking up the graphics card as new hardware, is this normal? Sorry if this is kinda newbish just making sure everything is right before I uninstall the driver for the embedded chip.
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  1. Dont worry about the old drivers for your integrated graphics. You havnt said if it works. Just do it, make sure your new drivers are installed. All should be good
  2. You said you have two outputs they will be inscribed below as 1and 2 use no 1 and as jaydeejohn says install it you will prob then be given the option of setting it as the primary display addaptor do this and it should be fine when it is working ok and if you feel the need then you can delete the onboard drivers.
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