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I have a blue screen did not see the actual fix for this, is there a disc to fix the virus?
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  1. BSOD can appear for different reasons.
    When the blue screen appears?
    give more details!
  2. Stay with Windows XP. It's a much better program. Windows 7 has too many problems with all of their silly little additions. I don't even like the way the new search key works. I am also trying to repair someone's computers with the blue screen of death. I know Explorer 8 has some serious problems in it as well, which will cause older compuers to blow. I have seen six of them go within a week after the upgrade -- all at different times, all just after the upgrade. If your Windows 7 shows a circle on the screen while setting up, just leave the room and come back in 10 or 20 minutes. It will continue. It's just a lumpy bumpy installation like much else of the program.
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